Pricing / Services

Aerial Photography Service

$75/hr $250.00/half day, $400/full day

Aerial Videography Service

$150 minimum, $250/half day, S400/full day

Company Promo Video

$300 w/o editing 

Roof Inspections

$ 200 flat rate

Video Editing Service


Real Estate Listings 4K Video, 20 Hi-Res  Images, Fully Edited up to 3 minutes long. Music or voice overlay, transitions etc.

$500/flat rate

without editing $250.00/flat rate

Construction Site Progress Tracking 

$ 75/hr.

Special Event Photo. & Videography

$250/half day

$400/full day

$175.00 minumum

Boat or Auto Listing, up to 2 min 4k video,  fully edited with voice or music overlay. 20 Hi-res Images.

$200 flat rate